Report types

The Cornish Property Practice are RICS Valuers under the RICS Registration Scheme. We complete valuation reports following the RICS Global Standards 2017 for a range of differing situations and purposes, including;
We have provided valuations compliant with;
  • Target
  • Help To Buy South West
  • Guinness Trust
  • Cornwall Council
  • HMRC

Market Valuation

Provides an opinion on the market value of a property according to RICS Redbook.

Inheritance & Probate Valuation

Provides a market valuation for inheritance tax calculation purposes. Prepared to a standard suitable for submission to the Inland Revenue and Valuation Office Agency.

Valuing the estate of someone who has died is one of the first things to do if you are acting as the executor or personal representative for that estate.

You normally can't get access to the assets in the estate until you have received a grant of probate.

You need to know the estate’s worth to fill in the probate application forms and show whether or not Inheritance Tax is due.

To make sure you get an accurate valuation, you should use a professional RICS registered valuer. The valuation should reflect the value at the time of death.

Source: HMRC Website

Matrimonial Valuation

Provides a valuation on the assets

Values the assets of the persons involved property to enable the sharing/division

Help To Buy Scheme Valuation

As an Independent RICS Chartered Practice we have provided valuations for a range of HM Government backed 'Helped to Buy Schemes’ ensuring their specific criteria is me.

Reinstatement Cost Valuations (RCV)

Used for insurance purposes, the Reinstatement Cost Valuation or Rebuild Cost as it is sometimes referred to, provides you with a figure to ensure your property is adequately insured.

Severe problems can arise by lack of adequate insurance cover and equally, savings can be made from automatically generated insurance premiums.

Clients/Policyholders are advised to re-assess the sums insured, with an annual adjustment to reflect inflationary effects. We recommend a review of the valuation every 3-5 years or whenever any extensions or significant alterations are made to the insured property.

RCV's are generally made on the basis of total loss, or of such substantial damage that the entire building will require demolition and rebuilding. This is usually a requirement of your buildings insurance.

The duty is now placed on the policy holder to assess the value of the sum insured.

To meet a high standard of professional competence and best practice, the RICS Practice Standards for the Reinstatement Cost Assessment of buildings is followed.