Project Management

We can plan and manage your building project, whether it is a refurbishment of a house or a larger project such as a new build. We manage projects by co-ordinating the design, procurement, planning authorities, budget, contractors, clients, change, the lifecycle of the project, document management and other areas, to ensure that the construction project reaches a desired conclusion.

Project management is the management of people, time and costs by one of our team (or at times the whole team may be involved) with a chosen co-ordinator dependant on the size of the project to ensure the efficient commencement, progress and conclusion of a project.

We ensure that each project complies with sustainability, insurance, health and safety, and the legal requirements of the country in which the project is located.

Architectural drawing and construction materials
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Contract Administration

Contract Administration is a role that requires a competent and experienced practitioner and is needed on any project where there is a contract in place between a contractor and a customer.
How can the Cornish Property Practice help?

We have vast experience in acting as Contract Administrators both in projects where we have been involved in the design and in those where we have had no previous involvement in the project.

The Cornish Property Practice will undertake a fully comprehensive role that includes:

  • Pre-construction procurement
  • Site meetings with the Client and Contractor
  • Monitoring the progress and reviewing the standard of work
  • Monitoring the project budget and onsite construction cost
  • Authorising payments by assessing the amount of work carried out
  • Issuing variations to the contract
  • Issuing completion certificates for the works
What are the benefits of Contract Administration?
  • Clear management of the contract
  • Experienced Surveyors to help mitigate problems
  • One line of communication between the client and contractor
  • Quality control ensuring a high standard
  • Reduced responsibility and pressure on the client
What is the cost of Contract Administration?

The costs will depend on the size, nature and duration of the construction project.