What is a Homebuyers Survey?

The report from a Homebuyers survey appears in a standardised RICS reporting system which employs a green/amber/red 'traffic light' system. It typically uses standard phrases and will often lead to further reports if issues are found.

For what type of property is this suitable?

Mainly for properties built in a modern manner with no structural alterations.

Homebuyers Survey RICS image

How do I book a survey?

Whichever means you choose, we will be happy to discuss your concerns and requirements. We can supply a guide (link) relating to typical fees for properties within the southwest. However, these prices are based upon national property data which has been averaged, when it comes to properties, Cornwall and Devon are far from average - these counties boast some stunning properties of various sizes, construction and shape, some of which include vast acres of land. Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust prices accordingly to provide you with a fair price for the building(s), whilst meeting our high standards and those set by the RICS.

If your property is online, we can provide you with a fair quote immediately by completing an online assessment even whilst you are on the phone.

Once the fee is agreed and payment made, we will complete the rest. Your report, which will normally be published within 5 working days of the inspection.

How does the survey process work?

Andy Curnow in front of a Cornish Mine

Once instructed. We will arrange access and update you when the inspection is confirmed. Following the inspection, we will provide you with an 'Initial Summary' email within 24-48 hours of the inspection. Your report will be issued within five working days following the inspection and sent by email. We offer an additional printing and posting service if required.

We understand you may have queries after receiving your report, you are of course welcome to call us and discuss the findings of the report.

Additional Relevant Services

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Valuation

When purchased alongside a survey we can offer this service at a reduced cost. This provides a rebuild cost of the property to inform you of the level of insurance you require. Please click here for the comprehensive description of this service.